So you just signed up your child up for dance class and you’re asking yourself… Now what?

Often times, the excitement of beginning a dance class, but externally ballet class can make young dancers and parents alike feel the need to get everything a professional ballerina has. So what is actually needed for class and what can wait? Well, fear not. We have a breakdown of everything you will need to hit the ground running and start the dance year off right.

First Things First

Before you step foot in any dancewear store it is important to check in with your dancer’s studio. Many times studios have a particular color leotard required for different levels of dancers. This is why you should always check with them first to make sure that you are buying a beautiful outfit that your dancer can wear.   

What to Wear

Most dancers begin their dance education as early as two to three years old. At this age, young female ballet students should wear a leotard, pink tights, and pink ballet slippers. Again make sure you are checking in with the studio to make sure that you are getting the right color leotard, most of the time at this young age the color will be pink and when they move up levels this color becomes black. Boys usually need to wear black or white ballet slippers, white close-fitting t-shirts, and black leggings. Some studios like to introduce multiple types of dance styles to the young dancers. So if you have signed your dancer up one of these combo classes makes sure that you also pack them some shorts to pull on over their leotard.

Ballet Slippers 

It should go without saying that in order to get the most out of any dance class a dancer needs the right shoes. For young dancers starting ballet having the right ballet shoes is important. Young dancers should have full-sole leather ballet shoes as their first pair because they are both comfortable and durable. We always suggest coming into the store to be fitted by our lovely and talented shoe fitters so that you can be sure to get the best shoe for your dancer. These shoes should never be worn outside as the rough surface of the sidewalk can tear apart the bottom of the slipper. Therefore, you should make sure that your dancer is waiting until they get into the dance studio before putting on their shoes for class. After class, remember to store the shoes in a dry atmosphere, this means outside of the dance bag, to help the shoe last as long as they can or at least until the next growth spurt.       


As we said before, it is extremely important to check with your dancer’s studio before buying a leotard. This being said, once you know what color leotard you are allowed to have then all you have to find is a comfortable style to dance in. A nice thick strapped leotard is quick comfortable for young dancers like this thick strap Capezio leotard


Generally speaking, pink tights are what should be worn in ballet class for young girls. Many times young dancers can be extra sensitive to things on the arch of the foot. This is why it could be good to invest in a tight that is fully footed to keep the dancer focused on having fun in class. Click here to check some of the out. 


One of the most important things to a dancer is their hair. The perfect ballet bun can seem like a hard thing to create; however, with a Whirl-a-style, the perfect ballet bun is a breeze. With this device, even dad can twist up a bun seconds before going into class.  


Young male dancers are just as important to the dance world as female dancers are. With this in mind if you have a boy that is interested in dance there are a few things you need to get for them as well. A close-fitting t-shirt like this So Danca Short Sleeve T-shirt. You will also need some jazz pants   

With this, all in mind it is important to remember that dance is by large about the friends you make along the way. Dance class can help with dancers social skills and bring them outside of their shell. Remind them to dance with their heart and have fun.


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