Summer intensives are such an exciting, beneficial, and fun part of a dancer’s growth and development. During summer intensives you have the opportunity to meet other students that share your love of dance, you get to work with master teachers and depending on where you go you can learn to be a little bit more independent. Overall, summer intensive is a great experience for dancers of all ages. However, it is important to make sure that you bring the right tools with you on this amazing adventure. So, we here at DanceWear Corner have compiled a list of things that we think every dancer going to a Summer Intensive needs to get them through. And yes a large suitcase will be needed.


Leotard Lots Of Leotards

You will need a leotard for each day that you are in the Summer Intensive. It would be a good idea to check and see if your program requires a certain color or style. Make sure to bring your favorite leotards that make you feel comfortable and confident.


Lots and lots of tights. Make sure not to bring any tights with stains or holes in them.


A wrap skirt is always a good idea and just like with the leotard double check to see if they require a certain color. If you are taking character classes make sure to also bring a character skirt.

Pointe Shoes So Many Pointe Shoes

It is a good idea to plan on bring several pairs of pointe shoe with you to your Summer Intensive because they will wear out quicker in the summer humidity. Be sure to rotate which pair of pointe shoes you wear each day to let them rest and re-harden before you wear them again.


All The Other Dance Shoes

Look at your program and make sure you have all the right shoes for your other classes: Jazz, Ballet, Tap, Character, etc.


No matter how hot it gets outside you never know how cool the AC will get. So bring some warm-ups that you can layer to stay warm in the studio and also to cover up for when you go outside.

Everything For Your Hair

This includes hairpins, hair ties, bun covers, hairnets, headbands, and hairspray.

Little Miscellaneous Items For The Room And Your Bag

-Hip Alignment belt as some programs prefer if you have one

– Manicure / Pedicure tools ( to keep your toenails short)

– First Aid Kit- THis includes an Icy Hot pack or other sore muscle ointment, band aids, ace bandage, and ice pack and a heating pad. (trust us your muscles will thank us.)

Toe tape

– A sewing kit

-A water bottle


-Music playing device. Don’t forget headphones and chargers

-Power bars and other healthy snacks

-Toe tape, toe separators(if needed) toe pads and other pointe shoe accessories. * note some of these are good to use in other dance shoes as well.

-Make-up: For performances or for every day if you like to wear make-up

-A book, playing cards, or something quiet to do after curfew or in between classes to help you wind down.

-A comfortable pair of walking shoes. You don’t want to get any unneeded blisters. Do yourself a favor and give your feet a rest.

Luxury Comfort Items For Your Feet And Body

-Massage kit

Warm-up booties

-Foam Roller



-Laundry Detergent: depending on the facilities you could need a drying rack   

-Toiletries and a shower bucket to transport the items.


-A Pillow

-An Alarm Clock.

-A Camera (for sightseeing)

We hope that this little list has helped you prepare for your own Summer Dance Intensives. Remember Summer Intensives are about being surrounded by other dancers who share your passion and to learn from master teachers, but most importantly it is about having fun and learning as must as you can. Click here to start getting everything you need for your summer dance intensive. 


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