So you have your first dance competition to get ready for and you know you’re bound to forget something, right? Well here are the most important things that you should make sure to pack.

The Costume

The most important thing to remember is the costumes. Make sure that you have all of your customs and the accessories that go with them together in the same place. This means that any earrings, tights, shoes, and underthings that you might need are all in the same bag as the costume. The costume should be covered with something like a dry cleaners bag to help protect it from any damage. It would also be a good idea to invest in a Glam’r Gear or a Rac N Roll because they can turn into a rack that you can hang your costumes on during the competition.


The Makeup

You are pretty much going to need every last piece of makeup that you can find, but make sure that you have a foundation, loose powder, blush, eyeliner, eyeshadow, fake lashes, eyelash glue, mascara, and last but not least lipstick. Make sure that you get with your dance teacher about the colors and overall look that your part calls for, but it is better to have too many options than too little. Put everything in a makeup bag and you are good to go!

Just make sure you put the makeup bag in your competition bag.



The Hair

Like with makeup you will need more hair products then you think. Make sure you have a brush, hair elastics, a bun maker, hair nets, hairspray, hair gel, a curling rod, and bobby pins… so many bobby pins. It helps if you have a place in your bag dedicated to hair products just so you know where everything is.



The Shoes

Yes, shoes were already mentioned, but it bears repeating. Go through all of your numbers and check off what shoes you will need as you pack them. Then check again that they are in your bag. Then check a third time before you leave the house. Also, think about what you will want to wear on your feet when you are not dancing and make sure you bring that as well. You will want something comfy to travel in.






Rapid Fire Miscellaneous

A sewing kit


A mirror

Extra tights (in every color that you need)

Nail clippers

Nail file


Water/ Gatorade

A cell phone or just something to pass the time with that will entertain you

Money for souvenirs

A warm-up outfit/ something comfortable to wait in

A Camera

A pen or pencil for keeping track of the dance number in the program

A first aid kit


Now that you have a better idea of what you should take to your competition it’s now time to rock the competition.

If you’re still unsure of what to bring check out DancersHaul’s new competition Haul. The haul includes a competition dance bag, one pair of pink tights and a pair of caramel tight, a cosmetic bag, a cute water bottle, and the Dancer Problems kit. 

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