What could be more fun than taking hip hop classes, but just like with every dance class it is important to wear the right shoes to class and to perform in. So now you may be asking yourself: What makes a dance sneaker a dance sneaker and what makes them better than regular sneakers?  

For starters, unlike regular sneakers that are made to grip the solid ground, the sole of these sneakers are made with a circular design that allows the dancer the ability to spin and not get stuck on their turns. They also come in a variety of different styles and colors that are perfect for every hip hop occasion.

Split Sole Dance Sneaker

One of the many different styles of dance sneakers is a split sole dance sneaker, which is a kind of mixture between a jazz shoe and a regular sneaker. These shoes are perfect for class or performance because they allow the dancer to still show off their amazing feet as they point their foot.  

High Top Sneakers

These high top sneakers are just flashy enough to make your performance pop. They come in a variety of different colors so you can find the right shoe for your performance. They look just like high tops and still have the circular pattern on the bottom of the soles so that dancers can do everything they need to do on the dance floor.

Combat Boots

What could make an edgy hip hop performance even better? Why Combat boots of course. These shoes are both stylish as well as effective. They have just enough give in them that once they are broken in they still show off the dancers beautiful arch.   

All of these shoes are great for any hip hop class or performance that you have. Click here to shop our favorite styles.

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