Getting your first pair of pointe shoes is a momentous occasion for any dancer. But today we are not talking about what to expect in your first pointe shoe fitting. If that is what you are interested in learning more about then click here as we have already talked extensively about that subject.  Today is all about introducing you to the different pointe shoes that DanceWear Corner offers both in-store and online. However, as different styles offer better accommodations to different foot types it is always best to come to the store to be fit by our wonderfully knowledgeable staff. You can make an appointment by calling us at (407)770-1080.

Russian Pointe Shoe

Russian Pointe shoes come in two very distinct collections–The Spotlight Collection and the Jewels Collection–each of these collections are unique; however, they do have some similarities. Each pointe shoe in the collection is made with the same beautiful pink satin and the same options for sizes and widths, six shank styles, three vamp lengths, and two vamp styles (V-cut or U-cut, with and without a drawstring). Most of the styles within each collection are made with a pre-arched construction. Only the original Jewels model, Almaz, retains its original design without the pre-arching. There are a number of differences between these two collections so let’s take some time to discuss them. The spotlight and the jewel collection has three main differences: The outer sole, the box, and the crown.

The Outer Sole

The outer sole of these two collections are made out of different kinds of leather. The Jewels models have a more textured sole, which is a little bit thicker than the spotlight collections sole. The Jewels sole provides more friction with the floor, whereas the spotlight sole has a more traditional smooth finish.

The Box Design

The biggest difference between the two collections are there box design. The spotlight models are made with the traditional pleating, with special attention being taken to ensure that the pleats are smooth. The Jewels models have a pleatless design, making this collection have a more streamlined and modern look. This pleatless box makes the Jewels platform more squared off, this means that the platform has sharper edges so that the dancer feels flat, solid contact with the floor when she is centered on the platform. Spotlight models have a more-rounded platform, which allows a more gradual transition from being centered on being slightly off-center.

The Crown

Along with the differences between the box design, there is also a difference in the crown of the pointe shoes that could determine which collection will be best for which dancer. All Jewels models have a low crown, which is best suited for shallow feet. Spotlight models have a somewhat higher crown, which is better for a fuller foot.

Check out all of the pointe shoes in the Spotlight and Jewels collection that we offer by clicking here. One of our favorites is the Rubin so make sure to check that one out either in the store on online.

Grishko Pointe Shoe

Grishko produces more than 25 styles of pointe shoes for all foot types that are known and loved all over the world. These unique shoes have been developed over time with the blending of classic technologies with high tech materials providing longer product lifespan and improved comfort. Each shoe is unique as the production process is handmade with the use of only natural materials. Shoemakers assemble the shoes and then each one goes through a quality control. MAong the large selection of Grishko pointe shoes you can find two types of pointe shoes: Classic and innovative.

Classic Pointe Shoes

Grishko’s Classic pointe shoes, such as Grishko-2007, and Nova, are made from natural eco-friendly materials. They also feature natural leather outsole with a non-slip effect and an insole made from all natural, orthopedic, thermoplastic material that makes the shoe incredibly durable. The point shoes are also made with smart pasts that recalls and assumes the shape of the foot after the first time doing en-pointe work. These Classic pointe shoes are also produced with two innovative technologies: PRO and FLEX.

The PRO technology makes these pointe shoes almost noiseless on stage. The FLEX technology provide a gradual roll-up to demi-pointe and then “en pointe”.

Innovative Pointe Shoes

Innovative pointe shoes feature a wider fore sole for ideal balance, noise reduction, and anti-slip effect. They have longer flexible supportive wings with a unique insole from high tech materials. The glue of the box is breathable and hygienic.

Click here to see all of our Grishko shoes. The 2007 works for many dancers so make sure to ask your fitter of this shoe might work for you when you come into the store or you can check it out online.

Gaynor Minden Pointe Shoe

Gaynor Mindens last 3-6 times longer than traditionally made pointe shoes. The shank and the box are both made from advanced flexible polymers. With these materials, the shoe will feel the same way throughout its life. The polymers are a type of synthetic material prized for extraordinary flexibility, strength, and resilience. Gaynor Mindens comes in three different styles: Classic, Sculpter, and Sleek.


Classic pointe shoes come in the original “U” shape:  the metatarsal, midfoot, and heel are generously cut.


 For the foot in-between Classic and Sleek: Sculptor has an ample metatarsal, a snug midfoot, and a narrow-medium heel.


For a tapered, “V” Shaped foot: sleek has a slim metatarsal and a truly narrow midfoot and heel.

Gaynor Mindens are always a popular choice for professional dancers so click here to see them for yourself.

So Danca Pointe Shoe

So dance has always worked on creating the pointe shoes that will make the dancer’s foot look the best that it can. Each style of pointe shoes is best suited for different types of feet. So Danca has been in production of a new highly innovative pointe shoe. A pointe shoe so innovative in the fact that this could be the last pointe shoe that you will have to buy, with its completely customizable attributes. This is the first time where a dancer will be able to successfully customize their shoes, these dancers can even customize each foot if they would like. This one shoe can be used as a demi-pointe shoe as well as harder shanked shoe. To further customization of the shoe, this shoe also has heat responsive properties that allow for manipulation. By warming the shank with a heat source it will mold to the precise manner and desired shape retaining its newfound memory.  

Capezio Pointe Shoe

For 132 years, Capezio has been there for dancers for anything that they need. From shoes to leotards to any dance supplies you can think of, Capezio has it all. Their pointe shoes are no different, with twenty-three different styles of pointe shoes offered currently Capezio embraces the challenges of creating the best shoe for different dancers. As points, shoe construction is a balance between delicate construction and complex engineering they are constantly reevaluating their materials and design to create the best pointe shoes for their dancers. Some of the newer additions to their classic style are their built-in plush inner lining that offers extra comfort in the shoe. Combine this with the anti-slip interior lining and the dancer can feel confident in not sinking into the shoe and fell lifted and supported in the shoe as they dance through classes and performances. A bias-cut side seam and elasticized binding with an elastic drawstring mean that the shoe will allow a certain amount of give, both when flat on the ground as well as not look too baggy when up en pointe. This will allow the dancer’s foot to look the best it can look en pointe as well as flat.  

DanceWear Corner has many Capezio pointe shoes. So click here to see our favorites.      

Bloch Pointe Shoe

Bloch pointe shoes come in a variety of different styles. Some of these styles feature a groundbreaking combination of innovation and the latest in stretch materials that makes the stretch satin adhere to the foot like a second skin. This means that in these styles there are no baggy heels that get in the way or the dancers beautiful foot while on pointe. These styles also have features a split sole design that allows for maximum stretching at the arch that never compromises the streamlined fit against the foot and also does not compromise that strength of the shank as well. Bloch also offers styles that are a little more traditional but still retains some innovation like having a soft cushion insert at the platform to provide some extra comfort and protection when standing en pointe. This cushion also acts as a shock absorber.

Click here to see what Bloch pointe shoes we have to offer.

Now that you know a little more about the different styles of pointe shoe that we offer check out what to expect when getting a pointe shoe fitting at DanceWear Corner by clicking here.

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