DanceWear Corner is always proud to have a sister company like DancersHaul. Therefore we wanted to shine a little spotlight on all of the hauls that DancersHaul has to offer our amazing dancers.

Leotard Haul

This is where it all started as the first-ever haul that DancersHaul. Because we understand that some studios require their dancers to wear solid black leotards this is why dancers can shoes a black color or a surprise me color for the leotard that they get in this haul. In total, dancers get one leotard in their color choice, some DWC convertible tights, and one surprise item. Check out this haul here. 

Dancewear and Accessories Haul

Every dancer needs the right accessories in order to get them through their dance season. In this haul, dancers could receive anything from a leotard or an outfit with booty shorts, a T-shirt, or a bra top for their clothing item. Every dancer receives DWC convertible tights and a special item. The special item could be make up, a new dance bag, or some other accessory that any dancer could possibly need. Check out this haul here. 

Studio Haul

This haul has exactly what every dancer needs for the studio and it is the only haul that comes with dance shoes. Along with the Bodywrappers 248A four-way stretch pull-on ballet slippers, dancers can get a colored or black leotard and 3 or our DWC convertible dance tights. So this haul has everything a ballet dancer needs for dance class.  Check it out here. 

Kathryn Morgan haul 

We have been partnering with Kathryn Morgan to offer this exclusive Kathryn Morgan Haul. We work with Kathryn to create a different themed box available each quarter. Each themed box may contain full-sized products such as dancewear, warmups, foot care, and more! Right now the fall box is available so don’t miss out on this great offer. You don’t want to miss this haul so click here to get yours 

Ballet Gift Haul

We’ve assembled the perfect combination of dancewear for the ballet dancer in your life. From the original creators of the best selling dance sheer top, we have the Minute Sheer top, combined with a pair of stirrup leg warmers and (2) pair of pink convertible tights by DWC. 

Customize this beautiful Ballet Gift Haul by selecting the perfect color combination to make you or your dancer stand out. Quality products packaged in its own, hand-picked and packed gift box. This will make the perfect gift for your dancer so click here and get your dancer something great. 

*Please note, skirts, shorts and other items sold separately.

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