Untold Stories by Emotions Dance

As a  proud sponsor of Emotions Dance Company, DWC had the exciting opportunity to visit with and view the fourth installment of Untold Stories performed at the Orlando Repertory Theatre.  The show powerfully delivered the messages of courage, connection and hope while touching on the emotional issues of addiction, loss and disease.

Throughout the evening, the company dancers worked seamslessly together to convey these difficult issues. In an interview with dancer Lorien McDavid,   when asked how the girls all work so well together she responded “I think the girls in company dance very well together because we all have similar dance styles and an awareness of each other on stage that keeps us dancing as a whole.”  This awarness was clearly displayed  in their ending piece which started out with two dancers and slowly grew dancer by dancer until every dancer in the company was on the stage dancing together.

For more information about Emotions Dance Company and their upcoming events and performances, please visit http://www.emotionsdance.org/