If you feel like you’re in a dance rut, look no further for a quick pick me up! From a tiny three year old dancer, to a 92 year old tango dancing queen, these videos will provide just the inspiration you need.

1. On May 6, 2014, Alissa Sizemore was playing outside with her friends, when the totally unexpected occurred. A UPS truck had run over her foot, and when the doctors saw the damage, they knew they couldn’t save it, so they had to amputate her leg under the knee.  Nonetheless, Sizemore knew she wanted to continue dancing by trying out for the local dance team, and performing at her  school just nine months after her amputation.  Be warned, the video might cause some tears.


2. The Haka dance is a traditional Maori tribe dance that was used for war to show pride in the tribe and display their fierceness.  Today, the dance is done for ceremonies and special occasions to celebrate the guest of honor, and is usually taught at a very young age to carry on the tradition.  This three-year-old did a great job when he honored his great-grandma at her birthday (and its incredibly cute!).

3. Who said dance has an age? This 93 year old woman shows the world that even with osteoporosis, the love of dance doesn’t stop!

4. Mom’s, we all know, will always be our number one fans.  This is an amazing (and super emotional) video of a dancer telling his mother he got selected to dance with Taylor Swift!

5. I would say watch the video first, then we’ll explain after.

After watching this video, we’re sure no one would guess that all of these dancers are hearing impaired, and some are speech impaired as well. They dance by feeling vibrations and watching each other, but nothing stops them from doing what they love.


6. If there’s anything inspirational, its giving the opportunity to dance to kids who would not usually have access to it. The National Dance Institute brings dance to kids far and wide, including those with special needs. They really believe in the power of dance and making sure it is accessible to anyone.

7. These sisters will melt your heart with their duet!

8. Jean Suk aka BBoy Hourth doesn’t let his disability define him, in fact he uses it to his advantage!

9. Misty Copeland has her own long story of struggles and triumph, but UnderArmor did an amazing job putting her in front of millions of people and inspiring dancers worldwide.

10. Evan Ruggiero was featured on Ellen for his triumph through adverse events.  Check out his story!

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