Wether you are getting your hair ready for a big performance or another day in class, it is important to have it done correctly. Keeping your hair up and out of your face allows you to focus all your attention on your technique and enjoy the dance.

Along with lots of hairspray and plenty of bobby pins, we like to use Whirl-A-Styles! These are a quick, easy to use hair piece that secures your bun in tight, keeping you worry free and focused on dancing. Just three easy steps and you have a perfect ballerina bun!

First: Gather you hair and slip it through the opening of the Whirl-A-Style

Second: Begin to roll the Whirl-A-Stlye and your hair to the top of your head

Third: Connect the to ends of the Whirl-A-Stlye and snap in to place. Spray bun and any fly-aways with some hairspray  for a secure finish.
whirl a syle 2