Do you have “IT?”

At the sight of a dancer on stage, you pause in your tracks and may even find yourself having to catch your breath. Your skin fills with goosebumps or you get chills at the sight of them moving across the stage, or observing how they connect with the music or their audience – or both – through their body. Music seems to unfold by what seems like perfect choreography, on the perfect dancer, and you are left inspired.

The “IT” factor of a dancer means that there is something absolutely mesmerizing about their talent, their ability to captivate and ability to entertain their audience. So few are able to obtain the compliment. If you’re feeling as though this is not you… think again!

There are a few critical pieces to discovering your “IT” that can be immediately addressed in your performance product. Some individuals have a natural ability to present themselves in performance with ease, having everything in place and on point, while the majority of dancers just do not know how to reach their fullest potential. These dancers need more insight on how to steal the audience’s (or casting director’s or judges’) heart. Keep in mind that everyone has an “IT” factor in something that they do, it is simply a matter of understanding what that thing they do is, and how to maximize and highlight that thing.

First, confidence is a key factor to “IT.” When someone is unsure of themselves, it quickly becomes unfavorable body language and an audience feels like something is missing from the performance, but they cannot place what. Technique is a vital element as well. Without technique, movement will not be attractive and, in extreme cases, can be cringing to watch. A dancer could even become injured when not adhering to proper technique! Another major part of developing your “IT” is face. Face shows you have personality, ability to make eye contact with people in their seats, and understand your music and/or delivery of message. By skillfully applying these items to your work as a dancer you will find that your product on stage will be better.

In art, there is no correct or incorrect answer, and that is the beauty of being in a creative world. Artists’ “IT” factor is shown when they are skilled in craft, but also skilled in how to present it. There is right and righter when it comes to technique of course, but the message and ability to convey it or move with heart and genuine feeling is part of being human, organic, and makes the whole of the part of your “IT” factor.

You love dance; you love how it makes you feel. As you continue your education as a dancer, it is equally important to find and nurture what makes you shine using the “IT” within yourself.
Dancer Athlete Method was founded by dance educator and former professional dancer Krystina Alexis Nelson and Master Trainer Marie Merritt. For more about showmanship and enhancing your dance, contact us at


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