DanceWear Corner is proud to shine a spotlight on the Lazy Dancer Studio. This studio unlike others runs completely online and is based in London so everyone, no matter where you are, can get to know this awesome team.

About The Founders

Alessia and Lacopo are partners in every way. With Alessia’s background and training at the New Zealand School of Dance and English National Ballet School and Lacopo background in photography and VFX, they make a perfect pair to run every aspect of the Lazy Dancer Studio.



About The Studio

Lazy Dancer Studio strives to create a fun, friendly, and welcoming environment where people can feel free to get up and dance at any time. They created this online studio as a way to teach ballet in their own way.  

Alessia and Lacopo have come across a variety of people interested in Dance from students to professionals, and teachers to amateurs.  She found that many people wanted to learn more about this amazing world of dance. This is why they created Lazy Dancer Tips as a platform to share everything that she has learned throughout her career from dancing to teaching. They have created a series of videos that cover a lot of things, from learning the basics of ballet to a good chat about the do’s and don’ts of dance, hence the name Lazy Dancer Tips. These videos provide something for everyone.

Moreover than this is the fact that ballet can teach you so much. It can teach you how to set and reach your goals so that you can get the most out of your life. This is the primary reason why they created their own version of a studio. You can try their online ballet studio and dance wherever you want!



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