Angel Marie Tisdale is the founder of ATDA, Angel Tisdale Dance Art, where the images she captures puts a spotlight on your technique and clearly identifying your artistic signature. We had the pleasure of working with Angel when Kathryn Morgan came into the store in June. So we wanted to put a little spotlight on her and her company. 

About Angel

Angel Tisdale has a background in dance and theater that led her to the unique genre of dance and movement photography.

While studying Dance and Theater at Old Dominion University, she was inspired to study the art of makeup and costume design for stage and film. The Advanced Aveda Institute in S.F. offered a concentration in commercial makeup artistry, so she enrolled, headed off to California, and began working as a freelance artist for film and theater. Over the years, she has also worked as a platform artist, performed in some regional musical theater productions, and even taught dance for a nationally known studio.

Along the way, she has worked with amazing dancers, artistic directors, and choreographers in the commercial dance & ballet worlds, while simultaneously raising her daughter in the dance studio. Brit—now her 1st assistant—trained with Travis Wall, Danny Tidwell, Jaimie Goodwin and others before she switched focus towards ballet and eventually, aerial circus.

It was mid-career transition though that convinced her to return to school and study photography. She had been shooting film for years, and her pro photographer friends encouraged me to get serious. Over a decade ago, she graduated from New York Institute Of Photography, returning to her first love…dance. This time, though, with her camera and less flexible hips.

Always learning, she was inspired by many great dance photographers worldwide. After attending Rachel Neville’s first weekend workshop, Angel felt a unique connection with her. The following year, when Angel learned that Rachel had developed a two-year masters curriculum, she leapt at the chance to participate. The second year is well underway, and she is excited to graduate in February 2020.

This journey hasn’t been fast and easy for Angel, but she loves this work more than anything she has done in the past and she is grateful for the opportunity to remain connected with the dance community she loves so dearly. Combining her knowledge of dance, fashion and makeup with her passion for photography brings her authentic joy. 

About ATDA 

We at ATDA help aspiring movement professionals of all types by building creative content designed for maximum, results driven impact. The images we capture spotlight your technique, clearly identifying your artistic signature.

We’re a mother-daughter duo with over forty collective years of training and work experience in classical, contemporary, and commercial dance styles, not to mention aerial circus arts, fire arts, and even musical theater. Our relationship is unique, our vibe is funky-fresh, and we complete each other’s sentences. Merging our individual skills has been incredibly powerful—as you can see in our work—and we believe it’s a bonus for our subjects too! Weʼre best friends who bring totally different aesthetics to the table, and somehow our creative mojo is always parallel. Movement arts runs through our veins, and weʼre shameless creative nerds to the core.

Ready to hang out with us? Weʼre ready to assist you with every possible detail, from sourcing your wardrobe looks to designing creative concepts, and lastly coaching you into shapes that will show off your best lines. Expect to play dress-up, dance to your fav playlists, and belly laugh with us! Our goal is to photograph you in the best light (that’s why there are so many!) and at the perfect angles, ultimately to help you pursue your dreams…say like those awesome training programs and great job contracts in your specialty! By the end of the day, you’ll feel exhausted but happy to know we covered all this important items for you.

Our clients arrive as artists and leave as part of our extended family. Come join us this year!


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