Alexis Ziemski started her dance photography journey in August of 2014 when she was just a sophomore in High School and was still learning how to use her camera manually while also editing her pictures on free online websites. It was not long after her first time ever working with dancers that she found herself photographing a show for Ballet in Cleveland. Ever since that time, she has frequently worked with dancers and she has even partnered up with Ballet in the City to travel and take a lot of beautiful photos with many talented young dancers. She has since gone on to create an impressive portfolio full of dance photography, portraits, and nature photography.

We here at DanceWear Corner wanted to shine a special spotlight on this Photographer and learn a little more about her and her craft.

What are three things that you have to keep with you at all times?

At any given time, 9/10 I will have my camera bag with me, something to put my hair up, and snacks.

Which do you like more taking the pictures or editing them? Why?

I love the challenge of getting the exact shot I want. It helps when the subject is comfortable in front of the camera, so I always make it a point to get to know who I am photographing & have fun while shooting.

What is your favorite part about being a photographer? Why?

It’s a powerful form of self-expression.

How did you get interested in photography?

When I was a child I had an obsession with collecting old film & disposable cameras. It wasn’t until I went on a trip to Yosemite National Park that I actually started to pursue the idea of photography rather than just taking pictures.

Of all the states that you have photo shoots in, which is your favorite? Why?

Ohio. It’s home to me. Most of my favorite photos have all been taken in Ohio.

When you are not behind the camera or editing what are you doing?

I also draw and paint. So if I’m not sleeping, I’m either doing watercolors, tattoo designs, sketching, etc.

What excites you most about photography?

I love meeting new people and learning their story. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some incredible people through photography, and it has lead me to some amazing opportunities.

How would you describe your style of photography?

Fine art/conceptual.

How is your approach to dance photography different from your approach to your portrait or nature photographs? Is your approach different at all?

The difference with dance photography is knowing how to capture movement, timing & good technique.

What location have you always wanted to have a photo shoot in, but haven’t? Why have you not had a photo shoot there and are you planning on going there sometime in the future?

There are a lot of places I want to shoot, but right now I really want to go somewhere with glaciers, and the northern lights. I’m hoping to make a trip to Iceland within the next few years.


You keep up with Alexis Ziemski on Instagram @lenscapkid and you can also check her out when she visits Saratoga Springs, NY with Ballet in the City. Anyone booking a photo shoot between July 15th -22nd with Ballet in the City will be entered to win a DancersHaul as well as be featured on the social media accounts of Dancewear Corner and Ballet In The City.



*All pictures are examples of her work visit her website for more.*

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