Dancewear Corner recently partnered with Skyra Studios on a new Short Dance Film called Sound Language. Skyra Studios is Central Florida’s newest performing arts training center that offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity for aspiring dancers, actors, filmmakers, and artists to gain real-world experience through professional film productions and stage shows. In addition to this unique opportunity, students can prepare for a career in classical ballet, contemporary and modern dance, filmmaking, acting or art in their multidisciplinary academy. Their state of the art training facility is a beautiful, ultra-modern space that includes large dance studios, a filmmaking studio, acting studio, cafe and more. All classes are taught by master instructors, renowned working performers, choreographers, and production experts.

We were excited to partner with Skyra Studios on their latest film project after we met with the Owners Scott & Mary Poiley and saw the high-quality, story-driven content they have produced that has yet to be released to the market. A few clips from these projects are in their latest promo video above. Scott, the Artistic Director, had a vision for a tap film and pitched us this idea that evolved into something quite unique.

The Film

SOUND LANGUAGE, is an elevated short film set in a Dystopian world where the spoken word has long been forgotten and people use rhythm to communicate. The story centers around “Dig” played by Dorrance Dance’s Nicholas Van Young and “Nati” played by Syncopated Ladies Co-Creator Maud Arnold. Dig and Nati believes that they can once again bring Earth back to its Utopian paradise by uniting three warring (Step, Tap, and Drum) tribes to create one harmonic song. The rhythmic language will be supported by subtitles creating a unique foreign film unlike no other.

How it was Made

Choreographed by award-winning writer, director, and producer, Scott Poiley with additional choreography by Christopher Broughton (Dorrance Dance, After Midnight). The two bring an amazing amalgamation of rhythms through step, tap, and percussion. Scott integrates a fresh tribal flair to the tap and step choreography, creating sharp, dynamic, and energetic movement.

The film also features Christopher Broughton, Aaron Tolson, Sydney Burtis, and Erik (Silky) Moore.

Skyra brought together many young tap dancers, step dancers, and drummers from across Florida including tap dancers from Clermont’s Not Just Dance and Lake Worth’s That’s Dancing. The Lake Mary Step Team represented the step tribe in the film. The dancers and musicians rehearsed for many months at Skyra Studios before shooting commenced on May 19th.

The Sponsors

The film attracted many sponsors including So Danca, Pastry, and Roar Organic.

Tap dancers received complimentary tap shoes from So Danca. The step and drum tribes received sneakers from Pastry. Roar provided the entire cast and crew with their delicious and refreshing organic electrolyte beverages.

In partnership with Tin Men and First Unit Productions, the two-day film shoot took place at an abandoned citrus plant in DeLeon Springs, Florida. The location was transformed into a dystopian world where the tribes created one harmonic song. The film is expected to release early next year.

For more information about Sound Language and to stay up to date on its progress follow Skyra Studios on Instagram and Facebook as well as  #dwcmovie #soundlanguage on Instagram.

Watch the new trailer here.


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