So Danca has been in production of a new highly innovative pointe shoe. A pointe shoe so innovative in the fact that this could be the last pointe shoe that you will have to buy, with its completely customizable attributes.

The Idea

So Danca analyzed different pieces and practices utilized in regular pointe shoes to see how they can make them better. With all of this in mind, the main idea for the pointe shoe was to have the shoe ready to wear. This makes the break-in process no longer necessary. This approach affected the entire production of the shoes to create something truly revolutionary.

The Shoe

So Danca created a pair of pointe shoes where one pair can equal 10 pairs of a regular pointe shoe as the shank is customizable. This is the first time where a dancer will be able to successfully customize their shoes, these dancers can even customize each foot if they would like.

This one shoe can be used as a demi-pointe shoe as well as harder shanked shoe. To further customization of the shoe, this shoe also has heat responsive properties that allow for manipulation. By warming the shank with a heat source it will mold to the precise manner and desired shape retaining its newfound memory.  


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