With Thanksgiving fast approaching it is time for everyone to look back on the year and reflect on all the things you are thankful for. At this time of year it is great to give thanks for all the little things in your life as well as the big things like health, happiness, family, and friends. Here is a list of a few small things that dancers can’t help but be thankful for. 

Bobby Pins

No matter if you love Bobby Pins or not you are always thankful to find them when you need them. Hair is very important to dancers so always having a spear Bobby Pin in your bag, car, or even the studio. 


With dancers in the thick of Nutcracker season you can understand how important it is for them to be thankful to this little miracle worker that keeps them from falling.

Toe Pads

Toes pads are a lifesaver for not only ballerina’s and their pointe shoe, but they can be used in many different shoes. So no matter what we must remember to be thankful to these little lifesavers.

Dress Rehearsals

Let it never be said that dancers don’t like dress rehearsals because they are a great way to get out some last minute nerves before stepping out on stage in front of an audience.

Water Breaks

Nothing feels better then when your dance teacher tells you to take 5 and get some water. These are little things that make dancers smile and say thank you. 


Dance is a hard sport and we need something that will protect the feet as much as possible this is why we have to remember to say thank you to the great and powerful Band-aides. This 

Remember to not only be thankful for your family and friends this Thanksgiving and say thank you to all the little things in life. 

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