From the host of Balancing Pointe Podcast comes a book that will help to answer the six major questions every dancer must ask themselves when they are considering going to a Summer Intensive.

Kimberly Falker, the author of Secrets To Successful Auditions, has had the unique opportunity of interviewing those who are living and working in the world of professional dance. Over the course of two years she has interviewed over 150 top ballet experts. These experts have provided tips on a multitude of ballet and dance related topics such as: how to do well in auditions, how to have a successful Summer Intensive, and how to aim toward a career in ballet and dance. Falker knows that the audition process and Summer Intensives can be a difficult world to navigate. This is why she has chosen to taken everything that she has learned in her interviews and put them in a place that dancers and parents of dancers can access.

This book includes forwards from dancers Kathryn Morgan and Kaitlyn Gilliland as well as tips from many other principal dancers, soloists, directors, and choreographers.

The questions that this book helps to answer are the What? Why? Who? Where? How? And Which? Of the Summer Intensive world. Throughout the course of the book all of these questions get expanded on and you will leave with a better understanding of what Summer Intensives are,  why they are important, and how you can choose the best one for yourself or your dancer.

For more interviews and to get this book yourself you can click here.

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