Becoming Ballet

Premier Dance is the only podcast that is one hundred percent dedicated to the world of dance. Today we are going to be shining a light on their show Becoming Ballet.

Premier Dance teams up with young dancers to talk about how they are achieving their dreams and working hard to the get to be professional dancers.

On their most recent show, they teamed up with Jackie Gignac, a dancer from British Columbia, Canada, who trains at Simon Fraser University’s School of Contemporary Arts. In her episodes, Jackie talks all about how she got into her university, how she manages her studies and the food. She also gives advice to other dancers on how the dance when you feel like you are the odd one out and how to coop with performance areas that are not what you expected them to be.

Premier Dance allows you to follow these dancers in real time as they work to make their dreams come true.

Jackie began dancing when she was three years old by taking beginner ballet classes. She trained at a local ballet school for eleven years before deciding to pursue acting. However, she turned back to dance after suffering from an injury and wanting to get away from some of the negativity that began to surround the theatre company she was in. After taking some recreational dance classes at another local studio, she began to take more and more classes at another local studio.

You can hear all of her stories and advice along with other aspiring professional dancers in Premier Dance’s show Becoming Ballet. You can click here to listen to the podcast.

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