Premier Dance is the only podcast that is one hundred percent dedicated to the world of dance. This growing network of shows provides the listener with a “one-stop shop” of online resources for all topics related to dance. Premier Dance Network programming ranges from real stories of young dancers just starting out, all the way to the fascinating lives of the top professional dancers in the world. Today we are going to be shining a light on their show The Whole Dancer.

The Whole Dancer

In the world of dance there is a huge need for the awareness of health, wellness and a balanced lifestyle. In the podcast, The Whole Dancer, Jess Spinner opens the dialogue about how dancers can tend to focus on what goes on in the studio and on stage so much that nothing else matters. This podcast focuses on the importance of finding balance and health in your life. The Whole Dancer podcast is a place for you to learn new skills in self-care, healthy eating, cross training, spirituality, and goal setting.

The topics that Jess discusses range from how to dance with energy even in the heat of summer to topics of how to deal with overeating and guilty eating. Dancers can become extremely single-minded in terms of their goals. This podcast helps to clear away the unimportant mess and help dancers focus on the important things such as their health and well being.

This podcast is a great resource for both dancers and parents of dancers to help them understand the importance of staying healthy and taking care of themselves.   


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