Premier Dance is the only podcast that is one hundred percent dedicated to the world of dance. This growing network of shows provides the listener with a “one-stop shop” of online resources for all topics related to dance. Premier Dance Network programming ranges from real stories of young dancers just starting out, all the way to the fascinating lives of the top professional dancers in the world. Today we are going to be shining a light on their show On Pointe.

On Pointe

On Pointe with Robyn Jutsum is a podcast where Robyn describes and discusses life as a millennial professional dancer. This show focuses on the transition from student to professional and what life is like for the modern day ballerina starting out in New York City.

This podcast series starts off with Robyn breaking down why she chose to go to college for dance and the factors that led her to make that decision. She also takes you through a day in her life as a professional dancer in the hustle and bustle of Manhattan.

She also discusses with a friend, peer, and fellow Minnesotan, Anna Novak, all about their experiences performing at the Fireside Theatre in Wisconsin. They also talk about their transition between ballet and theatre dance and what the audition process is like.

In this podcast series, Robyn discusses how the professional track of a ballet dancer looks in today’s world of dance. She discusses how the traditional; role of company life is evolving and how it has taken on the shape of freelancing. She then talks about the factors that contribute to this evolution and how the millennial generation of the artist are paving the way for what it means to be a professional in today’s dance world.

This series gives advice and hope to younger dancers as Robyn talks about her own experiences in ballet and reflects on the culture of ballet.


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