There are many myths floating around about pointe shoe. So to clear the air we have compiled a list of popular pointe shoe myths that have been floating around to try and let people know what is fact and what is fiction when it comes to pointe shoes.

1 If my friend and I have the same shoe size, we will wear the same pointe shoes 

This is a BIG myth. Not only that but it can be dangerous, painful, and could lead to injury if you try to wear a friends pointe shoe in class or for performance. Pointe shoes are not like regular shoes and Pointe Shoe fitters can spend hours with a dancer to try and find the perfect pair of pointe shoes for the dancers. So just because you have the same shoe size does not mean that you can wear the same shoe as a friend. Every foot is different so it is important to get the right shoe for you.  

2 You have to break your shoes before wearing them

Although professional dancers do tend to break their shoes in. It is not a good idea for a new dancer to break their shoes in before wearing them. Professional Dancers have had years of experience in wearing pointe shoes. They know exactly how they like their shoes to fit them when they are performing. However, as a new and inexperienced pointe dancer, you may not know how the shoe should fit. In this case, it is important to trust your teacher and let them help you break the shoes in during class, not before.   

3 You have to be a certain age to start pointe

While you don’t have to be a certain age to start pointe shoe training, you do have to take certain precautions before you start. You teacher will approve you for pointe shoe training before you go in for a fitting. Some teachers even like to go with their students to help explain how things will feel in the pointe shoe. Even though you may be excited about pointe shoe training it is important to wait for your teachers approval before wearing the pointe shoes. Before you are approved to go up on pointe your teacher is going to evaluate your foot strength and flexibility.

4 Pointe shoes are excruciatingly painful

While they do not feel like your foot is surrounded by clouds and unicorns, pointe shoes should not be excruciatingly painful. In the pointe shoe fitting your fitter will explain how the shoe should feel. And while the dancer should feel a certain amount of pressure in the fitting, excruciatingly painful shoes are an indicator that the shoe is not fitting correctly and therefore the dancer should let the fitter know. Communication is very important when getting a new pair of pointe shoes.

5 The tips are made out of wood

This is one we hear all the time when first fitting a dancer with their first pointe shoe. A lot of people think that because the box is hard that it is made out of wood, this, however, is not the case. The box of the pointe shoe is not made out of wood. The box is truly made up of layers of fabric and glue, that is molded carefully and precisely by a skilled cobbler to be supportive and smooth.


We hope this list has cleared up of common myths surrounding pointe shoes. And if you or your dancer are looking for new pointe shoe click here to make an appointment and come by the store. We have experienced pointe shoe fitters that can help you find the best pointe shoe for you with our massive pointe shoe collection.


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