Jonathan Givens

Jonathan Givens is the author and photographer of the book Dance Across The USA. This book showcases a collection of dancers from all over America. As well as focuses on what is both beautiful and inspiring about this country. What makes this project so amazing is that all of the photographs are real and all the dancers are actually in the locations depicted. Over the course of 90 days Jonathan drove 22,264 miles, created 22,160 photographs and photographed 163 dancers in 56 locations throughout the 50 states. He wanted this project to be something that both supports the entertainment industry that he loves as well as gives back. So a portion of the proceeds of the book will be donated to the National Endowment for the Arts, as well as to America’s parks

Jonathan originally began as an all around entertainment guy; acting, dancing and singing while  touring the country with multiple productions. That is until an injury forced him off stage, but this did not stop his creative passions. He turned his attention toward theatrical tech work and later earned a degree of Master of Photography from PPA (Professional Photographers of America. His company is called Entertainment Photography Specialist or EPS for short and you can find his work on instagram @eps_photo where his shows off his latest work. EPS is the world’s only dedicated performer photography studio with sprung floor for dancing as well as rigging points for aerial photography.

He will be having a book signing event at Dancewear Corner’s Superstore on January 6th from 12 to 2, but get there early because after the signing he will be giving mini photo shoots for free to the first 20 people that buy his book at the event. You do not want to miss this amazing opportunity to have your picture taken by this wonderful photographer. Click here for more information about his book and this once in a lifetime opportunity. 


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