Summer ballet courses are an exhilarating experience for young dancers and a major part of the dancer’s growth and development. We all know that our bodies are the key to enhancing our performance and getting the best out of a summer intensive; however, it is also important to make sure that you have all the right things with you for the intensive. Just like other athletes we need the right tools to help maximize your summer experience. However, packing for these summer intensives can be stressful and it can be easy to forget vital tools and supplies. This is why we here at DanceWear Corner have comprised the ultimate ballet summer intensive checklist.

Dance Shoes

The most important thing to remember to bring with you is the dance shoes, so they should be the first thing you check off as you pack your bags. Make sure that you pack more than just your ballet shoes as you never know what exactly you’ll be asked to perform. This is especially true if you are packing for summer intensive auditions as a choreographer may want to see something different from you or see a different style from the group. So it is important to be prepared for any last-minute changes, especially if you have stated that you have trained in a particular style. It is also important to remember to always pack an extra pair of dance shoes that have a heel. 

Extra Tights 

Any dance checklist is not complete without a wide variety of dance tights on the list. To get the most out of your intensives and ensure that you are prepared for every performance. Usually, at the end of a summer intensive, there will be a final performance so make sure you have a pair of outstanding tights with you at all times. If you are unsure what kinds of tights you many needs click here to read a blog all about different tights and what they are used for. Click here for all the tights you could possibly need. 


Because you will be spending a lot of time in your leotard it is important to make sure that you have a wide variety of leotards to choose from. As temperatures in the studios and theatres fluctuate it can be hard to tell whether you will need a long sleeve leotard, short sleeve leotard, or a thin strap leotard. If there is one thing you should never do it is to wear a t-shirt or jacket over your leotard. The point of attending a summer intensive is to push yourself and push your dance technique further than it has ever been before. This is why the last thing you want to do is hide your body lines behind a loose-fitting jacket or a baggy t-shirt. To get the most out of your summer intensives, we suggest adding five of six different leotards to your ballet summer intensive checklist. Leotards are one of the most important investments that a dancer can make. The right ballet leotard will boost your confidence and help you stand out in the group. A good high neck leotard will make you feel elegant. the Suffolk Constance high neck lace leotard has the perfect amount of grace and style to help you stand out. 

Warm Up Clothes 

The temperatures in the studio and theatre can fluctuate so it is important for dancers to pack warm-up gear that can be layered on top of dancewear and easily removed. These warm-up items should still allow your teacher to see your lines. This means that you should not wear a baggy jacket or T-shirt. If you are entering a cold studio you don’t want to start working and moving with cold muscles. A good wrap top will keep your muscles warm and still showcase your lines. 

Hair Accessories

A dancers hair needs neat and every hair has to be in its proper place. This is why it is so important to pack a hairbrush, comb, elastic bands, pins, and lots of hairsprays. Here at DanceWear Corner, you can choose from a kit with the majority of these items in them or you can pick up the individual items. We want you to have everything you need to make sure that your hair stays intact through the toughest of movements. By having an abundance of all of the right items for your hair, it will make you look more professional in the eyes of the company. It is also a great way to make friends. No matter how many hair ties a person has they can always break and being the person to offer something as simple as a hair tie to a person in need can create a lifelong dance friend. Click here for a great hair kit.       

Keep It Dry

Summer is a sweaty time and this just gets worse for dancers. This is why it is important to pack a towel and deodorant. Bring two different sets of towels one set is used for wiping off the excess sweat in class and the other is for when you get out of the shower. The deodorant will help to keep you fresh all day even in the heat. 

General Care

Accidents happen and in dance, this can happen even more regularly. If there is a fall, a scrape, or even something as simple as a blister, you want to be able to take care of it with some antiseptic wipes or ointment to prevent infection. Because if you are hurt then you will not get the most out of your intensives. And don’t forget to bring a large assortment of band-aids especially some blister band-aids. Click here for a great little kit for every dancer problems that you may have. 

Reusable Water Bottle

Hydration is important for your summer intensives, you will be going through gallons and gallons of water. This is why it just makes sense to bring along a reusable water bottle so you can top it off throughout the day. 


Eating small amounts of food periodically through your summer intensives is always a great idea. Food is the fuel for your body, so it is important to add plenty of healthy snacks to your checklist. This means that you need to stock up on protein bars, nuts, and fruit so you have the energy to help you get through the day and work to your maximum level. 

Now that you have a great checklist to work from, you can enjoy your summer ballet intensives and get the most out of it.


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