The holiday season means only one thing to dancers… Nutcracker Season!

This means only one thing. Classes get longer and turn into rehearsals that then lead to the performance. The hectic schedule that dancers face this time of year can lead to them forgetting the little things. This is why we have created a little survival guide filled with everything a dancer will need to help them survive the Nutcracker.

First, let’s start with what you need for your hair and face.

  • Make-Up Remover Wipes- After a long day performing or between performances it feels good to take off all of your makeup even if you have to put it back on again.
  • A Mirror- Trust me no one wants to fight over the small bathroom mirrors. So bring your own mirror is a must.
  • Hairspray or Hair Gel- This is very important when making your bun.
  • Bobby Pins– You will ALWAYS need more bobby pins and they will ALWAYS find a way to disappear on you.
  • Elastics and Hair Nets

What to wear

  • TIghts– It’s always best to have an extra pair of tights just in case your tights get a run in them or they get stained.
  • Nude leotards– It is always a good idea to have a leotard that you can wear under your costume to make it easier to change for quick changes.
  • Warm-ups– Between rehearsals and numbers it is important to make sure that your muscles stay warm.  


The most important thing for a dancer is their shoes. So make sure that you know every pair of shoe that you will need. This means that you have your ballet flats, pointe shoes, and character shoes if you need them.

Don’t forget clean toe pads, toe spacers, toe tape and everything else that you will need for your pointe shoes as well.

Food/ Drink

Water bottles and energizing snack like a protein bar or fruit. Remember to stay hydrated! You will also need something small to help you get through a long rehearsal.


With this survival guide, you are sure to have the best Nutcracker season.


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