Is your New Year’s Resolution to save money?

DanceWear Corner is proud to offer more ways for you to stock up and save. We now have three new subscriptions that all help you save money on your tights, ballet shoes, and pointe shoes.

Tights Subscription

Every dancer knows the struggle of getting ready for dance class or performance and reaching into your bag only to find that your tights are ripped or stained and you don’t have any more tights to use. If this is a familiar situation to you then you need the new tights subscription. With this subscription, you will no longer have to run to the store last minute to grab another pair of tights. You now have the ability to stock up on quality brands of tights and with this subscription when you prepay you save more.  

Ballet Shoe Subscription

For a ballet dancer, their shoes are the most important thing to them. So the worst thing that can happen to a dancer is being in the middle of class and your toe pops out of the ballet shoe. With this new ballet, shoe subscription dancers have the option of prepaying for their favorite ballet shoe brands to save.

Pointe Shoe Subscription

Pointe shoes are the one shoe that every ballet dancer can never have enough of. With this new subscription, dancers have the option to choose from three popular pointe shoe brands: Grishko, Russian Pointe, Gaynor Minden. A dancer can run through a pair of pointe shoes rather quickly so this subscription is ideal for those who find themselves getting the same brand, style, size, shank, and width.

These three new subscriptions are great ways to save some money in the new year.


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