As we all know, dancers live and breathe dance.  We love buying dance clothes, finding music to dance to, and watch anything and everything dance.  We got to check out some top rated dance documentaries and absolutely love them! Read below to find out some more information! 


First Position

Follow the most dedicated ballet dancers with powerful background stories on their journey to the American Grand Prix.  An international competition, the dancers are all fighting for scholarships and positions in their future career.  The documentary does an amazing job in choosing dancers that have overcome adversity and have their future relying on the results of this competition.  Within the time of this documentary, you’ll feel joy, pride, and pain for some of your favorite dancers as you celebrate their success or witness when they just miss the mark.






Dancing in Jaffa

dancing in jaffa

When world renowned (and Palestinian born) Pierre Dulane returns to his homeland to teach his love of dance, he is immediately awakened by the harsh reality that is occurring.  Cultures clash, religions disagree, and little boys and girls are afraid by cooties. But Dulane recognizes the power of dance and what the kids can learn from it.

The documentary brings to light the heart wrenching reality of being scared to just be friends with one of your own classmates from a different religion and not being able to see your family because of war. The documentary also shows the similarities and innocence of children everywhere. Although there was a lot of resistance in the beginning, you can’t help but feel emotional when you finally see the boys and girls in their dresses and button up shirts, gliding across the floor with huge smiles on their face.  Even parents are gleaming with pride, ignoring the fact that their child’s partner is Muslim or Jewish.  The story gives a great sense of dance beyond boundaries, and learning to respect other as people as people, no matter the religion or culture.



Mad Hot Ballroom


In conjunction with Dancing in Jaffa, we see the program Pierre Dulane has built used in the inner city schools of New York right after the devastating events of September 11th.  From kids with Latin backgrounds to those who have never danced at all, the documentary shows their raw thoughts (including talks about cute girls) and practices recorded in a six week program to competition.  Of course all are competing for the coveted trophy, but for some kids, their involvement in dance is keeping them out of the streets and improving their self-esteem and behavior.





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