Music We’re Dancing To- Lyrical

Everyone loves a powerful lyrical piece. The pretty lines, dynamic music and and beautiful costumes. We have put together some of our favorite lyrical songs to dance to!!

I Have Nothing- Whitney Houston

Whitney has so many amazing songs that are perfect for lyrical but we love this one because it has both powerful and soft moments.

Make You Feel My Love- Adele

This song originally written by Bob Dylan is beautiful. We love the message, the dynamics and Adele of course.

Vienna- Linda Eder

We absolutely love the amazing love story that Linda sings about in this piece, she creates so many amazing pictures. This song is perfect for a lyrical duet or group piece.

All by Myself- Celine Dion

Like Whitney, Celine has so many songs that are great or lyrical pieces but this one is our favorite. This song would make an amazing solo.

Thousand Years- ThePianoGuys

The original song by Christina Perri is amazing but this cover is just as amazing. We love the simplicity of just the piano and cello.

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