Music We’re Dancing To… Contemporary

Here are the contemporary songs we are currently obsessed with!!

Black Flies- Ben Howard

Ben Howard is an artist from the UK. His music has been featured in hit movies like
“If I Stay” and hit TV shows like So You Think You Can Dance. We like Black Flies because it has great accents.

Let It Go- James Bay

No we are not playing the over played song Frozen again… This Let It Go is 10x better!! Have you seen the viral dance video to this song choreographed by the amazing Talia Favia? If not check it out here… 

Adele’s “25” in 4 Minutes -Sam Tsui

Adele’s new album came out not to long ago and her hit song “Hello” blew up. But her album is full of dance gold. So instead of just picking one song we found this amazing mash up of all the songs on her album!!

Youth -Daughter

This next artist has a voice of an angel, such a beautiful yet powerful song!! 

Your Song -Ellie Golding

Ellie is another artist out of the UK. She has so many beautiful songs, but our favorite is actually a cover she did. Your Song was originally performed by Elton John, we loved it then and we love it now. The violin and piano in Ellie’s cover are just breathtaking.

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