Our youngest DWC model got to answer some questions for us! Check out her responses! 

What do you love about dancing? 

What I love about dancing is having fun and being with my friends while expressing my self through my dancing.

What keeps you motivated to dance? 

What inspires me to dance is music and being able to tell a story through dance.

What are you plans once you grow up? 

What I want to do when I grow up is go to college and get a good career, still dance and have my own family.

What is one trick you want to perfect? 

If there was one trick I could perfect it would be turns and jumps.

Whats your best dance moment?DSC_9719

The best moment for me when I was a dancer was when my sister and I won the “Best of the Best” for our duo, Pink Panther at VIP. I also was proud when I got my aerial.

Who is your dance idol? 

My dance idol is Maddie Ziegler because she dances so good and she is young.

What do you do outside of studio time?

Outside of studio time, I improv dance in my living room, swim, and hang out with my friends and family.

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