Dancers know that dancewear is more than just a leotard and a pair of tights. Dance pants and shorts are important as well. Whether you wear them to and from class, as part of your costume, or for everyday use, there are so many uses for dance pants. This is why we here at DanceWear Corner have options for everyone.

Mens Dance Pants

For our male dancers, many times dance pants are an essential part of your class uniform. Most studios want some form of black dance pant, but they usually leave the style up to you. Now, what constitutes a dance pant. Dance pants need to be tight to the skin to prevent riding up so dancers have the confidence to dance to their full potential. So click here to shop some of our favorite styles.

Women’s Dance Pants

As for our female dancers, dance pants can come in a variety of different styles and colors. From shirts to leggings to jazz pants we here at dancewear corner have you covered. Whether you want to make a statement at conventions or you just want something simple for your classes, click here.


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