Kathryn Morgan began studying ballet at age three at Mobile Ballet in Mobile, Alabama. Kathryn then attended the summer program at the School of American Ballet in 2004 and enrolled as a full-time student that fall. She joined the New York City Ballet as an apprentice in June of 2006 and became a full-time member of the corps de ballet of the Company in February of 2007. In October 2009, Kathryn was promoted to soloist and in 2012 she left the company due to an autoimmune illness. Since this, she has regained her health and currently performs, teaches, and speaks around the country. She also runs two highly successful YouTube channels, her podcast “The Kathryn Morgan Show”, writes a column for “Dance Spirit Magazine”, is the creator of the “Kathryn Morgan Scholarship”, “Kathryn Morgan Collection”, and “Kathryn Morgan Haul”. She is also a judge and master teacher for the Youth America Grand Prix Ballet Competition. In May 2019 she joined Miami City Ballet as a soloist.  

DanceWear Corner had the honor of having Kathryn Morgan in the store on Monday 24th, 2019 to meet with dancers, take selfies, and ask questions. She also came in for a photo shoot on the 27th. Here are some pictures of these days. To watch some of Kathryn Morgans Q&A click here. 


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