For years the Orlando Magic dancers have provided a dance camp for boys and girls ages 7-17.  The purpose of this camp is to teach Central Florida students the latest moves and choreography directly from the Magic Dancers themselves. This dance camp not only provided the kids with a first class experience but also gave them the unique opportunity to perform with the Magic Dancers live at an Orlando Magic game in front of Magic fans inside the arena.

Guided by their Director, Jeenine Klem- Thomas and other Magic dancers, they split the kids up based on age groups and taught them cheers, kicks and a dance routine. At the end of the day each group got to show off their new moves to the entire camp and their families.

DWC was excited to be a part of this fun event and set up a booth with dance clothes, bags and accessories for the girls to enjoy a little shopping. One of our favorite parts is during the camp raffle where a few lucky boys and girls are awarded dance items and gift cards from Dancewear Corner.

We had a blast and look forward to seeing you at the next dance camp coming up on March 8th, 2014!  Be sure to check out the Orlando Magic’s Dancers site for more details of their upcoming events.