Pointe shoes are a large part of any dancers career. Finding the right pair for you is a difficult thing to do and can take years before you find the brand, style, and shape that you need in order to work at your best. While it is always good to come into our stores to be professionally fit in our vast shoe collection Gaynor Minden has introduced a new style of pointe shoes that might just work for you.

The Shoe

This new shoe by Gaynor Minden is lovingly called 3+ because it combines the best qualities of the #3 and #4 boxes. So what does this mean?  Well, it means that they have combined the comfort and stability of the #4 boxes and the beautiful and tapered lines of the #3 box.

How to know if you should try it

There are four ways to tell if the 3+ box could be right for you, but  If you have tried other Gaynor Minden pointe shoes in the past but could not find your perfect pair then you might want to just see if we have your size to try it out in your next pointe shoe fitting session. If nothing else then to just say you did; you never know if this shoe could be your next holy grail. Now let’s get into the official ways to know if you need the 3+ box.

1 If the #3 box feels too small but you sink in the #4 box

The #3box is quite narrow and tapered so if you have a wider meditates but compressible toes the #3 box might feel too small but because of your compressible toes the #4 box is too big and you sink into the shoe. And nobody wants that.

2 If you’re in a #3 box, but want a more stable-feeling platform.

As stated before the #3 is narrow and tapered this make the platform of the show smaller. The 3+ pointe shoe had the same style of tapered #3 box yet it keeps the wider platform the that #4 box has.

3 If you’re currently wearing a Narrow #4 Box, either a Sleek or Sculpted Fit.

Remember how the Gaynor Minden creates and labels their shoe. Narrow here means that the throat of the pointe shoe is closer to the foot. However, this could be an indicator that the box is too big and you are trying to communicate by getting a narrow show.

4 If you’re currently wearing a Wide #3 Box

Same as if you are wearing a narrow #4 box. If you are wearing a wide #3 box it is because you like the tapered look, but need a little extra room in the metatarsals.  

Again it is always a good idea to be professionally fit in the store because you never know what we could find that fits your foot perfectly. So call us at (407)770-1080 and set up your appointment anytime you are in the Orlando area and for what to expect in a shoe fitting with us click here.


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