Ever wondered when to use hot treatment or cold treatment? On today’s blog we quickly go over the effects of each treatment, and when to use it best.  


Using heat

When heat is applied on the body, it encourages blood flow and allows oxygen and nutrients to flow freely.  It is best to use heat on stiff muscles or joints, so the blood flow increases and encourages more range of motion.  To get the best results, use a wet heat, such as microwaving gel packs, or doing a hot water soak.  Also do not continue with heat after 20 minutes unless specified by a physician.

Using cold

Cold does the opposite of heat by slowing down blood flow.  This helps bring down swelling in an area, and reduces the chance of bruising. Ice is best used for sprains or any aggravated muscles that have a tendency to swell. Cold also helps numb the area, having the injury hurt less.  Again, do not use cold treatment for more than 20 minutes at a time and make sure you put a thin towel to not get frost bite.


*DWC writers are not trained professionals, if there is a serious injury, you should immediately contact a physician for advice.

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