The few weeks before preparing for competition team auditions can be nerve-racking. Make the process less stressful by preparing in advance for your auditions. Here are a few key things directors and teachers will be looking for in a dancer they want on their competition team:

  • Positive Attitude

This tip is mentioned first because it may be the most important quality to your teacher. While being on a team is exciting, rewarding and fun, it’s also stressful especially if this is your first year on a competition team. It will require a lot of hard work and sacrifice (especially on your free time). The ones who can show a daily positive attitude in class are sure to stand out to teachers.

  • Willingness to Push Past your Current Physical Capabilities

When thinking of who they want on their competition teams, teachers are looking for dancers who are constantly improving in class. Whether you are the best in class or just trying to keep up, be the one who is showing the most effort. Coming to every class a bit more improved than before is going to show your director that you are practicing in your free time and that you are willing to put in the work, time, and effort that it takes to belong on a competition team.

  • Embrace Constructive Criticism

Listen to the personal corrections your teacher gives you in class. Use them to help yourself improve and show your director and teachers that you understand that their criticism is to better you, not bring you down. This is a quality every teacher looks for in dancers on a competition team.

  • Dedication

Being on a competition team is a commitment. Give signs to your teacher showing them that you are willing and able to make this commitment by showing up to class early and ready to work, give your full attention during rehearsals and stay focused, they will notice your attentive attitude and will respect you for your efforts.

  • ┬áBe a team player

You are not always going to have the spotlight on you so it is important to show your teammates praise and support. Competition teams have no place for selfish or jealous dancers. When in class, help your fellow company members who are falling behind, clap when a class mate has improved upon or perfected a jump, and make friends with everyone in class, don’t exclude anyone. If you want to be on a company dance team you need to be a part of the hardships and successes. You are only as great as your weakest dancer, so support your team.

Follow these tips and tricks and you will be sure to stand out and be remembered when auditioning for your studio’s company competition team!

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