How to Stand Out at a Dance Competition

Competition season has started!!! We all want the first place trophy or the platinum placing, but it’s not easy. Here are some tips to help you get there!!

Start Strong

Your dance doesn’t start once your music starts. It starts the second you step on the stage. Make sure you walk on confident, with good technique and try to catch the judges attention.

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Take big steps

A lot of dancers get nervous when they are performing onstage and tend to dancer right under there selves. If you take big steps and travel you will have more stability and it will make you look so much more confident

Use the Entire Stage

This tip is especially important for solo performers. The competition stage is huge and for solo performers it is very easy to get stuck on one side. Make sure during your solos you are using your traveling moves, like runs and tips, to really get you across the stage.

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Make Eye Contact with the Judges

Judges are usually sitting and watching dancers for up to 12 hours. To really stand out you want to engage them by making eye contact. Also if they are looking into your eyes they aren’t looking at the bent supporting leg in your kick.


Dance is an art form. Dance isn’t all about the leaps and turns. Its also about the story you are telling and how you portray it to your audience. For group dances make sure everyone knows the story you are portraying so everyone can have the same emotion.

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Have Fun!!!!

We all dance because we love it!! Don’t forget to show that when you are onstage. Performing at competitions can be nerve racking and stressful but once your step out onstage you have to let all that go and have fun!!

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