Although technique is an important part of dance, it is not the only part a dancer must learn in order to become great. Developing artistry as a dancer is an important skill to master and also one of the hardest. There are many different areas of artistry. Some of them include musicality, acting ability, performance, movement quality,  creativity, and yes technical ability. Now what does all this mean? Basically this means that a dancer must develop a connection to the music while displaying the emotions of the story and making each movement smoothly transition into the next while also making the choreography their own. With all said and done though how does one develop their artistry?

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are developing your artistry.


Tell a Story

Whether a part has a given story like Romeo and Juliet or if there is no story given, it is important to think about how you can convey a story in an interesting way that is unique to you. Now this may seem like it is only suited for pieces that have a given story already, but it is even more important to alway give a story to every performance that you dance. No one has to know the exact story you are planning on telling, but if you think about a story before hand people will feel more connected to the piece when they see it which will make the performance more memorable and meaningful to them. Remember that as you dance you are trying to convey a message or meaning because you can not speak. This meaning has to come from your whole body as you dance, so thinking about what that message entails will help you on the dance floor.   


Develop the character

This kinda goes along with telling the story. If you are playing the role of Juliet or the Sugar Plum Fairy you have to think about how that character will dance the choreography that was given and then think about how you as that character will dance. Not every person will perform a character exactly the same way and this is great. So you must think about how you can perform the character in a way that is unique to you.  


Listen to what the music says

Really listen to the music and try to pick out little things that you can use to emphasize the dance moves. This goes along with making the choreography your own. Every dancer will pick the notes in the music that stand out to them and perform the moves to the music is a different way. So even if all the steps are the same everyone will hear something different in the music that will lead them to dance the number slightly different from one another.   


It all starts in class

Like with most thing in dance all of this can be practiced in class. If you really want to develop your artistry try to take classes as different characters. Pick a character to take class as and go that whole dance class as that character. This is also something that you don’t have to tell people that you are doing. No one has to know that you are taking class as Juliet and well it’s just a fun exercise to do.


I hope you have found this useful in someway and if you want to learn more about developing artistry chick here to hear what Kathryn Morgan has to say.

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