Sad news: Summer is over.  Many of you spent the whole summer dancing all day, improving your technique, and getting in fantastic shape.  So now that it’s over, how do you maintain all that hard work?   Here are a few tips:


 1. Take the time to review your corrections.

In an earlier post we mentioned how beneficial it is to keep a notebook full of corrections.  If you started one over the summer, take some time a few times a week to go back through those corrections to remind yourself of what you learned this summer.  And the journaling doesn’t need to stop now that homework is back!  If you are looking for a break from your homework, treat yourself to a little journaling to keep track of new corrections.  Take this opportunity to draw parallels between what your teachers over the summer told you, and your home studio teachers are telling you.  It’s likely that they are saying some of the same things, but just in different ways.


2.  Apply corrections

After reviewing these corrections, take it upon yourself to apply.  Just because your teacher isn’t giving you a specific correction, doesn’t mean that you can’t take that chance to apply corrections that you have heard in the past.  When you are onstage, your teacher won’t be there to correct you: it’s all on you at that point.  So start in the studio.  The more you think about these elements initially, the sooner it becomes second nature in your body, and it becomes your new normal.


3. Battle your bad habits

Chances are you were alerted to a few bad habits this summer.  Well now is your chance to take all year to correct them.  Remind yourself that bad habits are really engrained in your body, so it will take some time to create a new normal for yourself. It is really important to be patient with yourself and your body.  It will all come with time, but the first step is acknowledging the issue and keeping it at the forefront of your mind constantly.  Little by little you will see a change, and you will create a new habit for yourself.


4. Cross training

When you dance all day long, your muscles get stronger and your stamina increases.  You don’t have to lose this during the school year, you just have to maintain it now that your schedule includes more sitting in school than dancing.  Creating a short cross training program for yourself to do each day is a great step to keeping your summer muscles strong.  Need some inspiration?  Give this quick workout a try.


5. Get to class early

If you have some time, get to class a little early to get your cross training program out of the way first thing.  At the end of your long day, you won’t want to do any extra exercises.  So make it easy on yourself, and get your cross training in before you start.  This will also give you the added benefit of getting all of your muscles functioning and firing before you do your first step.


Stay tuned for more workout videos coming soon!  Next week we have an ab series all prepared for you!

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