For a little change of pace we wanted to go ahead an highlight some of the illest (hip hop term for beyond awesome) hip hop concept  videos out there! Let’s see if we have your favorite. 


Brian Puspos- The X Show. Definitely a great concept video with a ton of layers and a story to follow, all intricately intertwined with great choreography. Definitely easy to  relate to a lot of these scenes, and even the story line.


Kyle Hanagami- Give me Strength. A much different pace than the hard hitting hip hop, but Hanagami has been known in the YouTube world as the king of dance concept videos.  This is definitely a tear-jerker and has made an impact world wide.


Vinh Nguyen- Heart Attack.  Going through any heart break is rough, Nguyen’s concept video to Heart Attack captures the whirring sense of how it feels in the aftermath.

Keone & Mari Madrid-Time for Love.  The hip hop power couple has done it again with this amazing video! They took the time to make a tribute to some of the classics in this dance short that will take you on a journey.

Ian Eastwood-Chivalry is Dead. Ever day dream and wish the perfect guy would just start dancing with you in the middle of a smoothie place? Well.. not quite, but this video is ridiculously cute and Megan Batoon is absolutely hilarious (how does she keep a straight face??)



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