It was a dream that inspired Marshall Ellis to create ME Dance, Inc. and he continues to build upon that dream with the opening of ME Theater- a venue providing an affordable space for artists to perform and create dreams of their own. Appropriately, the inaugural performance of this venue will be the ME Dance, Inc. production of DREAM. Dreams are the coalescence of images, ideas, emotions and sensations occurring involuntarily in the mind and can take the form of daydreams, nightmares, lucid or even epic dreams. Come join ME Dance, Inc. as they journey through the sensational world of DREAM! The anticipation of the new theater and the excitement of the show all begins October 10th, 2014.

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Marshall Ellis, Founder and Director of ME Dance Inc. has choreographed and taught for many years. He has been a teacher/ choreographer for Alabama School of Fine Arts, Orlando Ballet School, STEPS Program (Scholarship Training for the Enrichment of Primary Students is targeted to reach at-risk children), Dance Masters of America, and guest teacher for several other national institutions. His choreographic works were created for students and companies. Such works have been performed and awarded in Youth American Grand Prix. His professional work has been performed for Alabama School of Fine Arts, Cirque du Soleil and Orlando Ballet.

Along with performing Marshall also has a passion for media design. He founded a media production company called WME Design. He has been lead designer for several large website campaigns. Services offered range from design, video, photography, and music editing.

He is very excited to announce the founding of ME Dance (Marshall Ellis Dance Company). With his years of experience in both dance and media production feels strong and passionate about his new company’s future.


DWC is proud to sponsor ME Dance Inc. The Mission of ME Dance is to introduce innovative ideas through dance to create growth in the arts community. “Our goal is to enrich the arts community by providing an outlet to feature talent in art through entertainment.” Join DWC and the talented ME Dance Company this weekend for the performance of DREAM.