Dance can be an expensive sport to be a part of this is why DanceWear Corner have created a Rewards Program to help out our dancers everywhere. So what exactly is the rewards program and how do you get points. 

Ways to Earn Rewards

Earning points is easy! It all starts with signing up and you get 200 rewards. The Rewards continue with receiving 5 rewards for every $1 spent. If you want more rewards faster there are a bunch of different ways to do this as well. Give us a follow on Instagram, a like of Facebook, and a share on Facebook each worth 200 rewards. If you write a product review you get 500 rewards. You can also give your friends a reward and claim your own when they make a purchase. They get a 20% off coupon and you get 1000 rewards. 

Ways to Redeem Rewards

With all of the ways to earn rewards there are just as many ways you can spend your rewards. Get $10 off your purchase by redeeming 1000 rewards. Get a Free DANCER Cosmetic Bag for 1500 rewards. Get $20 off your purchase by redeeming 2000 rewards, $30 off for 3000 rewards, and $50 off for 5000 rewards. 

So join now and start collecting your rewards now. 

***Rewards not valid for past purchases prior to the start of this program or any backordered items.

Rewards cannot be combined or stacked with other discounts or promo codes. 

Rewards are not available for use with Subscriptions or recurring orders.

Any fraudulent activity may result in the termination of your account.

Product review rewards are only awarded for an actual product review, not customer service issues and are limited to (10) reviews per month.

There are minimum requirements to using $$ off rewards.

Rewards not valid in Retail Superstore. (One day…..)

DWC Rewards are a separate program from Dancers Haul and cannot be combined. (Sorry…)

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