On September 15th, we had Evoke Studio in the store for a very special portrait session.

If you didn’t know Evoke Studio is a collaborative studio located in southwest Florida, which services the state of Florida and beyond. Michael Vok Pick and Jessica R. Bunger are the dynamic duos behind Evoke Studio. Together they have created a remarkably various portfolio ranging from wedding and engagement photos to senior portraits, headshots, and dance photography.┬áTheir decades of experience working with parents and student-athletes makes their partnership something destined for dance photography awesomeness.

Michael and Jessica make it a pointe to ensure that each person who comes to their sessions feel comfortable in front of the camera. This concept was no different during the portrait session at DanceWear Corner. Even the dancers that may have been nervous about getting in front of the camera were put at ease by Michael and Jessica. More importantly, than the beautiful photos, Michael and Jessica work hard to create beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. The session included the dancers being photographed both in front of a traditionally used black screen as well as all around the store.

They believe that a picture should not only say a thousand words but also evoke a thousand feelings as well, or at least a feeling. Be sure to check out more of their work at https://www.evokestudio.io/


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