There are many different kinds of shoes that dance needs for different classes. Today I am going to be shining a spotlight on one of them. Character shoes come in many different styles so understanding each style can help a dancer choose which one is best for them.

One Inch or One and a Half Inch Heels

These lower inch shoes are great for dancers who are just starting out in their character dance class. Dancing in high heels is a little different from dancing in flat ballet or jazz shoes, so starting out with a lower inch heel is a great way to ease your way into getting comfortable in dancing with heels.

Two Inch or Two and a Half Heels

When you are comfortable dancing in a lower inch heel then you are ready to move up to a higher inch heel. At this point, the choices for character shoes split. You can choose a shoe that has a single strap or a T-strap shoe. Each of these different styles has a benefit other than just the look. The T-strap style can provide some much need support to the dancer, while the single strap style can allow for more articulation of the foot.   

Three Inch Heels

The last style that the character heels come in is the three-inch heel. Just like with the two and two in a half inch heel, these also come in the T-strap option. The higher the heel gets the more important it is to have good support while in the shoe.

Character Tap Shoes

Character shoes also come in a tap shoe option. These shoes come in heel highs ranging from one-inch heels to two and a half inch heels. They also come in a T-strap style or a single strap.

Leather Sole Vs. Suede Sole

The most common material that character shoes come in is a leather sole; however, they do also come in a suede sole. Suede soles are great if you or your dancer are starting ballroom dancing. The leather sole in character shoes are great for theater dancing and they are the shoe that is required for working in a play or musical.

Wide Shoes

These character shoes also come in a wide width. This allows people to move in comfort no matter if you are dancing or acting in the theater. If you are looking for these wide width character shoes you can click here.   

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