One of the best accessories every dancer has is their dance bags. This one item has the capability to hold everything that a dancer will need for all their classes, performances, or competitions. Getting the right dance bag that will fit all of your things is important because these bags have to hold everything that a dancer needs from shoes to leotards to tights and even snacks. So we will be going over the different styles of dance bags to make sure that you are getting the right bag that will hold everything that you will need.

Tote Bags

Tote bags are great for the dancer that might only have one shoe to carry with them. Tote bags are generally a little smaller than a duffle bag. This is not to say that dancers who have more than one class and needs to carry more than one shoe in their bags should not get a tote bag. Tote bags can actually fit a lot if you are only wanting to hold your shoes to go to and from class.  




Duffle Bags

These duffle bags are a bit bigger than a tote so they can hold a bit more. Duffle bags can have different compartments that tote bags do not have. This can help separate your clothing from your shoes so that your clothes remain clean.   



Stylish Bags  

Why sacrifice style for functionality when you can have them both with these stylish bags. Some can look like backpacks others look almost like big purses. Whichever you choose to get these bags will hold everything you need and look great doing it.

Competition Bags  

As every dancer knows competition season brings with it the need to pack pretty much your entire dance closet. It is important to make sure that you have a bag that will fix all of your dance shoes, costumes, makeup, and street clothes. So to help ensure that you have a great time at all of the competitions that you attend, get a bag that will hold everything that you need.


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