MichaelWe had the chance to ask 17 year old Michael Ocampo (one of our awesome DWC models!)  some questions about his dance and hobby life, check out his answers and feel free to ask any more!

What do you love about dancing?

I love how you can move people and have an impact on someone you don’t even know

What inspires you to dance?

The everlasting strive for perfection. Even though it isn’t obtainable, I’m always hungry to fight for it.

What do you want to do in your professional career?

I want to travel whilst dancing with a company or convention. I’m really passionate about educating people who share the same love for this art as much as I do.

If there were one trick you could perfect, what would it be?

Doing any amount of pirouettes and finishing on relevé before transitioning into anything else.

What was your proudest moment as a dancer?

When my favorite dancer/choreographer Andy Pellick gave me a bracelet and told me, “You inspired me this weekend.” Every instructor only got one bracelet that weekend.

Who is your dance idol? 

My dance idol is Andy Pellick because he is everything that I wish to become. He has so much unique artistry and also backs it up with the tremendous technique you know he has after watching him perform

What do you do when you have some down time?

Relax! I only have time on Sundays, and I spend that time hanging out with my family and friends. But sometimes when I’m really inspired, I take the opportunity of not having school to either work on my technique, flexibility, and choreography.

Give us a really random fact!

When I’m really feeling my song, I don’t just hum or sing the lyrics softly while taking a shower. I make sure everyone in the house knows that I’m singing by belting out my favorite part of the song over and over again. And when I feel that I put on the best concert ever, I walk around the house like a celebrity because of my amazing performance.


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