You’ve seen her as our social media cover photo, now get to know her! Here are some questions Cassandra got to answer for us!

What do you love about dancing?

What I love about dancing is that I can entertain people and it full fills me. I enjoy the way I feel when I dance.

What inspires you to dance? 

My amazing dance teacher Mrs. Annette inspires me to dance because she has always been there to push me and support me along with my family.

What do you want to do once you grow up?

When I grow up I would like to open a dance studio with my mother, become a dula and I also plan to go to college.

If there was one trick you could perfect what would it be?

The one trick I would perfect would be my front aerial because I have been working on it for two years and it has majorly stumped me in acro class.

What was your proudest moment as a dancer? 

My proudest moment was when I won my first title with my favorite dance, “Father’s Wings”, at eight years old. This was when I really grew as a dancer.

Who is your dance idol and why? 

My dance idol is a young girl named Samantha Morales. I danced with her for two years and then she taught me for two years as well. She has been so amazing and has achieved so much. I love her a lot. She is currently training at Joffrey Ballet and was accepted to an arts college.
What do you do outside of studio time? 

Outside of the studio as a hobby I like to paint my nails,  practice special effects makeup and spend time with my family and friends.

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