In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, DanceWear Corner will be donating 50% of all craft pointe shoe purchases to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. So because of this we wanted to go there different ways you can decorate your craft pointe shoe and decorate with your craft pointe shoe. 


Do you have a little one who love ballet and may be having a birthday soon? Or are you preparing for a baby shower? All of these occasions are great times to use these craft ballet shoes as centerpieces for these types of parties. You can also construct a little floral arrangement with these little ballet shoes and have them as a centerpiece or a party. Or you even host pointe shoe decorating parties for your favorite ballerinas. Make a day of it. 


With the holiday season coming these little ballet shoes are perfect for decorating a holiday wreath and getting into the spirit of the season. 

Decorate a Room

Does your little dancer love ballet and want to have everything decorated with tutus and ballet shoes. Well, you can now get as many of these craft pointe shoes so you can to decorate your dancers room for a good cause. 

You can also add whatever you like to these shoes and showus your personal style and creativity. So show us your designs, show your support, and show your fight! Get more information and get your craft pointe shoes by clicking here.

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