DanceWear Corner is proud to introduce a brand new haul. This new haul is exactly what every dancer needs. 

The Studio Haul

This new haul comes in a black leotard version and surprise me version, it also comes in children and adult sizing. The haul includes a beautiful fashion black leotard, three pairs of high-quality DWC convertible dance tights, a mesh shoe bag and a pair of Body Wrappers 248A 4-way total stretch pull-on ballet slippers. The retail value of the products combined is over $100.00 so for $59.99 this is a significant saving. 

Now because this haul comes with a pair of ballet shoes it is important to pay attention to these ballet shoe sizing recommendations. 

For the children’s version of the haul, the ballet shoe will fit the same as street shoe. For the adult version of the haul, you will have to size one-and-half to two sizes down from street shoe size.

These hauls can be purchased once or as a subscription so click here for your every own Studio haul.  


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