On October 19th and 20th DanceWear Corner has the pleasure of hosting  a Lazy Dancer Tips event. This event consisted of a two day Adult Ballet workshop. 

Meet Alessia Lugoboni From Lazy Dancer Tips

Alessia was born in Verona, Italy and trained at the New Zealand School of Dance at English National Ballet School. She even lived in Hobbit Town (Wellington–NZ) for 7 years where she had the pleasure to perform with the Royal New Zealand Ballet for Hobbits, Elves and Gandalf the Grey himself! 

After finishing her training with English National Ballet School and New Zealand School of Dance, Alessia went on to join the Royal New Zealand Ballet. 

Her experience from working in major ballet companies, plus her varied musical theatre background, allows Alessia to reach dancers of every level in a creative and inspiring method that she is known and loved for, 

Alessia has been making YouTube videos and creating a NO JUDGMENT, NO PRESSURE ONLY FUN  atmosphere 

So what happened on these days?

Everyone had a great time working on the foundations of classical ballet technique. This helps improve you posture and balance along with building stamina. The classes focused on specific elements of ballet as well as choreography to help dancers understand the sense of space when working with other dancers.  But above all else dancers learned to boost confidence both in dance and everyday life. 

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