DanceWear Corner understands that pursuing one’s dream can be difficult and although not a giant corporation, like some of our competitors, we still strive to do our part in helping the dance community.  That is why we have always been open to helping young dancers through their dance experience with different scholarships and donations.


At DanceWear Corner, we understand that the dance community is always working hard to raise funds. This is why if you or your school are in need of Recital, Program Ad’s, or Donations, then this is the DWC application for you. Our  Leotard Haul from is the perfect auction item.

Our goal is to continuously improve the opportunities for the non-profit dance community and as we have done over the past 20+ years, as we continue to grow, our ability to help everyone will grow. Click here to check out all of the ways we are working to help dancers 

Kathryn Morgan Scholarship

DanceWear Corner has been partnering with Kathryn Morgan to create both the Kathryn Morgan Scholarship and Kathryn Morgan Haul.One winner will be presented with $1000 to use towards anything they need for their dance training. This means that they can use it on their year-round dance tuition, competition fees, or summer intensives. The winner will also be featured on Kathrryn’s YouTube channel in a video highlighting their experiences as well as be featured on our blog. Click here to apply. Be sure to follow us on social media for any updates. Good luck!

Travel Scholarship

We here at DanceWear Corner understand that not all scholarships cover the expenses of travel. This is why we came up with this Travel Scholarship to help dancers get where they are trying to go. This scholarship goes towards the cost of travel involved in competitions, conventions, summer programs, and other dance related events. So click here to apply.

Skyra Studios Scholarship

This scholarship is valued at 4,500 dollars will multiple scholarships being awarded to different dancers. We could have the chance to win a 100%, 75%, 50%, or 25% scholarship.  Skyra Studios allows dancers the chance to train with award-winning choreographer and industry professionals in dance, acting, and film. You can choose your area of focus from ballet, tap, contemporary, jazz, action, or film and you can learn how to shift your performance from stage to film. Click here to check out the requirements needed to enter.

Liturgical Scholarship

DanceWear Corner is proud to offer our Praise and Liturgical dance community a scholarship to offset the cost of all of your praise wear and liturgical dancewear needs. This scholarship is specifically designed for use on our website. Click here to apply and get shopping.

With all of these opportunities, DanceWear Corner hopes that no dancer will give up on their dreams.

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